How To Teach Your Kids About Safety

For many parents, the biggest fear they have is regarding the safety of their kids. However, although it is good to take precautions parents should also proceed to teach their younger ones about safety and about the rules that they should follow. But many parents continue to remain the dark about what they should state during such a discussion because they do not want to traumatize the kid by frightening them. However, it is also necessary to get the point across to these young ones. Therefore to assist these individuals with the safety discussion the following article will proceed to mention several tips that they should keep in their mind when giving this talk.

Stranger Danger

This is the first rule that we teach young ones and that is not to trust strangers but what many parents fail to consider is that many abductions and molestations are conducted by people that the kid knows. Therefore, instead of teaching the kid to be scared of all strangers one can instead attempt to teach the kid how to handle certain situations. For instance, if you normally pick him/her up from kindergarten in Singapore you should not let them believe that this could happen every day. Instead, the parent should proceed to teach their child that if someone comes up to them says that they were sent by the kid’s parents to pick them up they should go straight to their teachers to inform them. Furthermore, the child should also be made aware of the individuals that they can go places with apart from mommy and daddy. Therefore this could include grandparents or aunts and uncles but make sure to keep the list short in order to not confuse the kid and also to make it easier for them to remember who they can go out with.

Teach Them What to Scream

It is true that every parent teaches their young ones to scream if a stranger attempts to pick them up when they are waiting for their parents near the gates of the nursery school but this is wrong advice. One should not simply tell the young one to scream because other adults would simply assume that the kid is throwing a tantrum instead of taking notice. Instead, the child should be taught to scream ‘This is not my father/mother’ when a stranger attempts to pick them up because this would result in an immediate reaction from the adults around them.

It is always tough to teach the kids about safety because parents wish to believe that they live in a safe world and that nothing can happen to their babies. But it is better to be safe than sorry therefore make sure to refer to the aforementioned guide when having this discussion with your young one.