Deal Breakers In Everyday Cuisine; Avoid These Mistakes Always

We cook on a daily basis and sometimes we really do not want to. It can get tiring, especially for mothers who already have their hands full to come up with innovative recipes that will take even more time and effort. However, that said, there are certain critical errors that we make in our daily cuisine techniques that can largely take away from a meal and here they are so you can try to avoid them.

Pasta and Other Similar Starches

Make sure that when you cook pasta, you add it to slightly salted boiling water for a few minutes. You should never let the pasta sit in cold water and bring it to the boil. When cooking check for a soft yet slightly chewy texture known as al Dante and take off the stove immediately running it under cold water to end the cooking process that will happen anyway otherwise. It also stops it from clumping up. When cooking instant noodles UAE, make sure that you make it in excess water, drain the water off and then add the flavoring that has been provided to ensure that any excess starch has been removed. It also helps to keep the strands separate and not let it get all clumped up into a giant pudding.

Couscous Is Different

Couscous cannot be treated the same way as koka noodles or pasta. It is very light, delicate and has no flavor. Boil water then add it to a bowl of raw couscous until it covers the surface. Then add a dollop of butter to Couscous, cover and let it sit for at least five to ten minutes until all of the water has been absorbed. The reason for this is to allow the boiled water to cook the Couscous while the butter gives it a bit of flavor and makes it fluffy and not sticky. Make sure to add in plenty of flavors and textures with veggies and meat or seafood because Couscous, is bland.

Vegetables Need To Be Crunchy Not Puree

Many people do the mistake of getting a perfectly nutritious meal and then cooking the life out of it. If you are boiling veggies, do so with the peel on wherever possible and only cook until the raw and hardness has gone away not until it becomes mush. If you are stir frying, always chop up raw veggies and stir fry until it is slightly cooked but is still very much crunchy. The more you cook, the more you kill the nutrients within the vegetables and finally you will be eating something that has no nutritional value in it.