Best Quick Foods For Rushed Meal Times And Late Nights

When working full time or going to school every day, cooking a proper meal for yourself becomes a distant dream with the rushed time and hustle and bustle of getting everything done. Then there are times when you have to stay up late trying to meet deadlines and homework piles, so making a midnight snack is essential. Snacking is good when working late nights as it will keep your brain energized and your body running. So here are some of the late night best snack recipes.
There is nothing more fulfilling than a cold glass of water when you are hungry (unless you are lactose intolerant). So add some of your favorite syrups and top with some cream when you need to binge eat and drink while doing work.
Instant ramen
Ramen is the comfort food for broke people. But it also works as a late night snack since you can make it in tons of different ways to fit your craving. Try making ramen with a little butter and frozen chicken cuts in Hong Kong added to the mix. Boil the ramen with the flavor pack, then turn off the heat and crack an egg open into the saucepan. Do not mix the egg and just shift the hot noodles on top of the egg to let it poach. Then add some American cheese and roasted sesame seeds into this and mix around until you have an awesome mix. Garnish with some scallions and crushed chili.
Fried rice with ketchup
What doesn’t taste great with ketchup in this world? To make this fry rice in a pan with egg and ketchup. You can some basil to make it aromatic, but usually having just the ketchup and rice with the egg makes it best. Add a bit of butter if you want the flavor to enhance a bit. The ketchup with caramelize and the rice will get coated with the egg.
Bacon wrapped sandwich bits
Make your favorite sandwich with frozen pork cuts or other meat and then cut up the bread into small squares. Wrap the sandwich squares with bacon and fry till the bacon is done. You can use toothpicks to hold the bacon together and use them and utensils to eat the finished amazing product.
You can always go for hotpot and chili as they are basically a blend of different ingredients as well. Chili is especially good since it’s just a mix of everything from the night before which is turned into a sludge to eat. Grab the easiest recipes online depending on what you have in your fridge. If you have some eggs then you are saved.