5 Tips For A Healthy Home

A clean home can act as a buffer against illnesses. It is up to you to create a healthy living atmosphere for your family. This is especially important if you have children as they can be more susceptible for some illnesses. There are many ways of keeping your home healthy and we will be explaining a few methods below.

Have a dust free environment

House dust is the main cause for allergies. It can also contain toxic substances such as pesticides, lead and other poisonous chemicals. Carpets are a sure-fire way of attracting dust. If you can’t replace the carpets with an easier to clean option such as wood flooring, tile or linoleum, try vacuuming often. It is advised to vacuum at least twice a week. Wipe the windowsills with a damp cloth to avoid creating a cloud of dust. If you are still bothered by allergies go for a health screening to seek a medical opinion.

Wash your hands regularl

This is something we were taught since we were children. But it is a good habit to maintain. This should be especially impressed on a child as they come into contact with many things due to their curious nature. Teach them to wash hands thoroughly with soap. To make sure they spend a sufficient amount of time washing, teach them to sing the happy birthday song twice while they wash. There are also hand washes that secrete a tiny amount of natural dye that ensures the child spend enough time washing their hand. If you are interested about Health Screening Package you can visit this site http://www.icaremedical.com.sg/general-practice/health-screening/.

Stop smoking

Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer for both men and women. And if you smoke in the house, your family members are susceptible to second-hand smoke. It can also trigger asthma in young children. You can save a lot of money if you quit smoking. There are many methods you can adopt on your road to quitting such as nicotine patches, nicotine gum and counselling. You can also attend a Ultrasound Face tightening in Singapore to learn better ways of managing your habit.

Drink filtered tap water

Tap water is regulated by the EPA. This requires many yearly reports about identifying contaminants that you may find in your local water supply. But this process is not carried out for bottled water as it is regulated by the FDA. Invest in a pitcher-type water filter or go for filters that you can attach to the faucets or plumbing system.

Avoid pesticides

We use pesticides to get rid of cockroaches, ants, mice and other household pests. But this can be especially harmful to children. They can be exposed to many health effects such as asthma, problems with brain development and learning disabilities. Try to keep your home pest-free by keeping a cleaner house by washing dishes, getting rid of old food etc.