Best Quick Foods For Rushed Meal Times And Late Nights

When working full time or going to school every day, cooking a proper meal for yourself becomes a distant dream with the rushed time and hustle and bustle of getting everything done. Then there are times when you have to stay up late trying to meet deadlines and homework piles, so making a midnight snack is essential. Snacking is good when working late nights as it will keep your brain energized and your body running. So here are some of the late night best snack recipes.
There is nothing more fulfilling than a cold glass of water when you are hungry (unless you are lactose intolerant). So add some of your favorite syrups and top with some cream when you need to binge eat and drink while doing work.
Instant ramen
Ramen is the comfort food for broke people. But it also works as a late night snack since you can make it in tons of different ways to fit your craving. Try making ramen with a little butter and frozen chicken cuts in Hong Kong added to the mix. Boil the ramen with the flavor pack, then turn off the heat and crack an egg open into the saucepan. Do not mix the egg and just shift the hot noodles on top of the egg to let it poach. Then add some American cheese and roasted sesame seeds into this and mix around until you have an awesome mix. Garnish with some scallions and crushed chili.
Fried rice with ketchup
What doesn’t taste great with ketchup in this world? To make this fry rice in a pan with egg and ketchup. You can some basil to make it aromatic, but usually having just the ketchup and rice with the egg makes it best. Add a bit of butter if you want the flavor to enhance a bit. The ketchup with caramelize and the rice will get coated with the egg.
Bacon wrapped sandwich bits
Make your favorite sandwich with frozen pork cuts or other meat and then cut up the bread into small squares. Wrap the sandwich squares with bacon and fry till the bacon is done. You can use toothpicks to hold the bacon together and use them and utensils to eat the finished amazing product.
You can always go for hotpot and chili as they are basically a blend of different ingredients as well. Chili is especially good since it’s just a mix of everything from the night before which is turned into a sludge to eat. Grab the easiest recipes online depending on what you have in your fridge. If you have some eggs then you are saved.

A Short Guide To A Career In Music Production

Music production and composition are some of the vital areas of the music industry with many people trying to break into these kinds of careers. Becoming a music producer is not an easy career path, but there are producers who have become big names because of talent, hard work and good connections. However, equipping yourself with melodies and creative skills will help with career advancement.
What Educational Qualifications Are Necessary?Talent and creative skill is not something that can be taught in an institution, but this is where you can learn and create a solid foundation when you learn music theory or composition. Learning types of software and technical skills are rather important too. It is also important to learn an instrument well enough so that you can present your skills in a recording studio environment.

What Kind of Skills Are Required?The most important quality to have is a passion of music. Being able to read and write music would be very useful skills to have – including computer and technology skills to work with software to lay tracks down or create beats. Being at a comfortable skill level with an instrument would be an added bonus, as you can combine melodies and lyrics by yourself when necessary. Getting enrolled in a music education in Singapore to learn and understand musical theory and composition are important technical skills, but creativity and talent will develop over time depending on your level. Knowing how records work, what sounds or lyrics blend well together and attention to detail are some valuable skills.
Career Fields and AdvancementThe music industry is a very competitive field, and it is rare that a producer will be working in the field they enjoy. Learning marketing skills for yourself and the artists by being in the recording studio environment will be very useful too. Some producers can also work in the film industry producing soundtracks and scores for television shows and films. In fact some producers dabble in different fields from melody to film or video games or even advertisement and major campaigns. Interestingly some even take things s step further and become a singer songwriter themselves after years of honing their skills.
Helpful AdviceIf you have taste in a particular style of music, try to get a job in a recording studio or company that is known for producing artists in that genre. This will help you get the experience you crave, and you will develop your talent and creativity. You will also learn to work with artists and network better with people which can definitely help further your career too.

Reimagining Afternoon Tea: Tiers Of The Food Tray

Some say that the British Empire was built on the backs of its loyal citizens and afternoon tea. The tradition of afternoon tea dates back centuries and is a piece of living history that has survived to this day. Etiquette schools all across the world still teach ‘afternoon tea’ as a social event that has to be navigated, and indeed, in many parts of the world, across social classes, it is still a popular pastime.

In the olden days, afternoon tea consisted of just that, tea and a few things to eat such as cucumber or watercress sandwiches and macaron in Singapore (also called macaroons). There might be a bit of fruitcake sometimes, or a buttered scone. Today, the food has changed quite a bit to accommodate the different cultures that have embraced afternoon tea as part of their own. Here is a breakdown of the tiers of the afternoon tea food tray:

The Bread and Butter of Sandwiches
As mentioned above, traditional sandwiches were fairly bland. After all, they served no other purpose than as things to munch on before a good strong cuppa. Today however, sandwiches have more of a kick in them. Potted meat with enhanced flavours, various condiments and jams, and other such fillings are used to adorn the sandwich tier. Countries like India take this a step further by putting their own spin on the sandwich. Instead of the usual wheat bread, they will introduce a chapatti or parata, which are types of Indian flat breads or they will use the normal sandwich bread but fill it with curries made according to traditional Indian tastes.

Baked Goods
The next layer usually comes out of a bakery. This is where the pastry chef shines. Normally the domain of croissants, éclairs and apple tarts, today, the tray is dominated by pineapple tarts, nectarine tarts, cream puffs, choux pastry and other delectable treats that deliver more of a tang to our tongues. Since people are more health conscious now, every effort is made by bakeries to use ingredients that contribute to that such as whole grain flour, organic sugar and butter etc. and no artificial colourings. Many places also pledge against deep oil frying, especially when it comes to the new savoury goods on a tier like Chinese rolls. These are wok tossed vegetable rolled in a translucent pastry cover and are usually deep fried but baked, works just as well.

The Sweet Layer
This is the home of the decorative cakes. They have sprinkles, glitter, icing, fruit and every other known decoration on them. There are cakes, cup cakes, muffins, doughnuts and all kinds of sweet and wonderful goods that cause taste buds to explode. While these have remained largely unchained since the 1800’s, one difference is that countries often add a piece or two that is not a traditional ‘cake.’ For instance, high tea in Goa, India might witness a piece of dark, mince-heavy “rich” cake – the settler’s variety of the traditional Yule time cake. So, enjoy your tea!

Safe Packing Tips For Domestic Moving

Moving to a new home can be a hassle and you’ll experience pure chaos during the weeks preceding the move. Not to despair, there are some ways you can adopt to make the moving process a whole lot smoother. The important thing is not to panic. We are always misplacing things and forgetting to pack certain items. If the packing is not done properly, you’ll be facing a great deal of inconvenience at your new home.

You have to consider the safety of the goods you’re packing. Certain items like glassware can be very fragile and they have to be packed in a suitable manner to avoid any mishaps. You need to consider the type of packaging that you use. Black bags aren’t generally considered good packaging due to the lack of padding and easy access by anyone leading to theft. You can use corrugated cardboard boxes that are used by most movers and packers. Take the weight of the goods you’re packing into account when you’re buying the boxes. A large box will leave enough room for cushioning material as well ensuring that your goods are safe from harm. Glassware has to be wrapped separately, piece by piece. You can use bubble wrap for dishes, ornaments and other knick knacks.

You can find out any information and advice about the packing process by acquiring the assistance of a packing company in Qatar. They are professionals in getting goods to one place from another safely and efficiently. The packed items may jostle when they travel. This might cause irreparable harm if there isn’t any cushioning material to dampen the shocks. Therefore, it is recommended to wrap each and every item separately in cushioning material. The items should have cushioning between each other and also around the sides of the box. Bubble wrap is the most commonly used material for this purpose. Other than that, you can use polystyrene chips to fill in spaces once you’ve finished packing, newspaper for small items and even fabric such as towels and blankets. Tape the boxes shut once you’ve finished with packing them with cushioning material.

The key to a hassle free unpacking is proper organisation. Sort the items into the boxes according to type. For example, you can keep your glassware, crockery and footwear to be packed separately in three boxes. This will make it easier for you to find each item afterwards. Label the boxes for easy identification. The way you pack the boxes inside the moving vehicle is also important. Fragile items should be kept in a secure corner. They may get crushed if you place it underneath heavy items and they will have a tendency to fall if you put it at a higher level.