The Downside Of Traditional Braces

Having a dentist tell you that you could do with getting braces, used to be a nightmarish scenario that many a child or adult hoped would never befall them. All too often they had witnessed first-hand or heard the horror stories about the inconveniences of this seemingly punitive contraption from friends, classmates and siblings. Here are some of the reasons why:

Stick Out Like Sore Thumb

Traditional braces used to be of the crude, metallic variety. Needless to say, they were about as discreet as an elephant stomping through a flock of baby sheep. They tended to make a grand entrance right along with you when you entered a room and not in the good way either. Wearing them was enough to make any one feel self-conscious. This is why those getting braces these days are so much luckier. They are fortunate enough to have options such as invisalign in Singapore which are basically clear braces that are largely unnoticeable. What a change from the past!

A Magnet for Trouble

The metal braces were designed in such a way that inadvertently created many crevices on their surface and also between themselves and the teeth on which they sat. So it was not surprising that they attracted and trapped many food particles that came in contact with the mouth. Thus, leaving the user with an embarrassing amount of junk stuck in their mouths during the course of the day, and a messy cleaning job to look forward too when they returned home.

Confetti of the Lips

Considering the fact that the largest user-base of these braces were roughhousing adolescents, some with the added disadvantage of rapidly elevating testosterone levels, it is surprising that these relatively abrasive devices weren’t seen as more dangerous. Combine a punch to the face or a head-first fall with a pair of rough metal braces, and you get a teen with shredded inner lips. Ouch! Invisalign braces which are made using soft materials are so much more forgiving.

Out of Luck in an Emergency

If you had a last-minute social event of great importance, you had no choice but to attend and smile for the pictures with your braces intact, unless you had the time and fortune to snag a last minute appointment with the dentist. Those braces could only be properly dismantled by a professional. There was also the matter of having to go back to the dentist afterwards, to get the braces refixed. All-in-all, the hassle of this procedure left many feeling that once the braces were on, there were rarely coming off.

All of the above-mentioned issues can be largely avoided by choosing to go for more modern designs over traditional braces. Click this link for more inforamtion about wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore.